Avdolian and maiden name

The family of oligarch Albert Avdolyan began signing new names in the UK.

As their own sources told the media, Interpol became interested in withdrawing money to the Latvian bank JSC Citadele Banka, to which Albert Avdolyan could be related.

However, it is not surprising: the oligarch controls a whole bunch of offshore companies registered in the name of his people, through which large sums are transferred abroad.

Previously, the publication had already told how almost 100 million rubles were transferred to accounts in a Latvian bank through offshore companies affiliated with Avdolyan. But there were many more offshore schemes.

Before we proceed directly to the analysis of the offshore pyramid, let us recall some important milestones in the biography of this businessman.

The founder of the Yota company, Avdolyan, built his own coal division in just a couple of years. Moreover, its formation took place in a rather interesting way: as soon as some liquid business found itself in a difficult situation, the “savior” Avdolyan immediately appeared with a lucrative offer to sell. State banks often helped him with the purchase.

Approximately according to this scheme, Avdolyan received the Elga coal deposit (a former asset of the Mechel group) and the Yakut Fuel and Energy Company, which came to him after the arrest of Ziyavudin Magomedov.

And “Sibanthracite” of Dmitry Bosov, who died under strange circumstances, which Avdolyan had licked his lips at earlier, was completely transferred to him under ambiguous circumstances.

After Bosov’s death in May 2020, a real struggle and a dirty campaign against his widow unfolded over his business. And already in 2021, Bosov’s business went to Albert Avdolyan, part of the assets was received by Rostec, but later also sold to the structures of this entrepreneur.

At the same time, Avdolyan’s successes are most often associated with Rostec and its leader Sergei Chemezov. In the structures of the latter, people from the state corporation have appeared more than once among both co-owners and top managers. In addition, in Yota Devices in 2013–2017, Rostec owned a blocking stake; also in 2018, Avdolyan became the owner of the Hydrometallurgical Plant, which supplied its products to Rostec, and to YATEK two years ago from the support bank of the state corporation - Novikombank had 21%.

And today, Avdolyan’s wife Elena, as well as Sergei Chemezov and his wife Ekaterina Ignatova are on the board of trustees of the New House Foundation, created by Avdolyan.

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As we can see, despite all the scandals in which Avdolyan is seen, Chemezov’s support has not gone away. And there were quite a few scandals. And it was they who uncovered the main offshore chains of the oligarch.

"I will move to London..."

In one of the previous materials, I already told how Avdolyan, through AENP LLC and the offshore Sparkel City Invest LTD, tried to get involved in the history of the bankruptcy of the scandalous holding Mezhregionsoyuzenergo (MRSEN) with claims amounting to 4.5 billion rubles.

Attempts by AENP to become one of the creditors of the bankrupt MRSEN, in our opinion, had all the signs of attempts to withdraw part of the asset to Cyprus from a holding associated with Avdolyan’s relative, MRSEN shareholder Eldar Osmanov.

At the same time, Osmanov is a defendant in a criminal case regarding the organization of a criminal community, which is suspected of transferring billions of rubles abroad, stolen from electricity producers and network companies from the Rosseti division.

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Avdolyan became related to Osmanov through the marriage of his daughter Elvira, but a magnificent wedding in London with a bunch of guests and a large scale did not protect him from divorce.

As we managed to find out, Elvira herself can currently live in London, where she runs a business, having prepared an alternate airfield for her parent.

Thus, a certain Elvira AVDOLIAN, born in May 1996, appears in the database of UK legal entities. From the extract it is known that she has Maltese citizenship, is a resident of the UK and is the owner and director of a London company for the wholesale trade of cosmetics and perfumes SIRENELONDONCOSMETICS LTD

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Sources reported that Avdolyan’s wife, who changed her last name to Avdolian, allegedly has the same citizenship as her daughter. Perhaps the head of the family has not only a passport with a double-headed eagle and is worth looking for in the vastness of London?

By the way, a letter of gratitude dated 2013 to a British recruitment agency, signed by Elena and Albert Avdolyan, was discovered online. In it they thank the London company and sign themselves as Avdolian. Apparently, it’s easier to hide foreign assets under an actually new name?

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But let’s return to Avdolyan and his offshore companies.

Offshore on offshore and offshore drives

Personally, Avdolyan himself is cautious and prefers not to show his name directly in relations with offshore companies. And, perhaps, if not for the unceremonious attempts to get involved without soap in the bankruptcy case of MRSEN, most of this business of his would have remained under the carpet.

The first to appear was the Cypriot Sparkel City Invest LTD, which was the owner of AENP LLC (now the Popov Central Institute of Petroleum Engineering).

It was AENP that tried to become creditors of MRSEN in bankruptcy proceedings. At the same time, other offshore companies associated with the oligarch were also discovered: Telconet Capital LTD Partnership (Cayman Islands), Smart Resolute LTD (British Virgin Islands), Okko Holding LTD (Cyprus), Yota Holding LTD (Cyprus) and the nominal founder – Profel Services LTD (Cyprus) ).

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At the same time, as we can judge from court materials, some amounts were transferred to Sparkel City Invest LTD by MRSEN’s subsidiaries earlier. So in 2017-2018, PJSC Vologda Sales Company, for example, transferred more than 37.3 million rubles to a Cypriot company. And this is probably just the tip of the iceberg.

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In the history of MRSEN, Dmitry Gordovich’s BBR Bank JSC also appeared, through which various “murky” schemes were also carried out.

As the editors have already reported, more than 100 million rubles were transferred to the Latvian bank JSC Citadele Banka through a JSC lending scheme through a chain of offshore companies. The scheme involved Irina Belyanova and Nadezhda Kudravetsa, associated with Avdolyan, one of whom is the head of the New House Foundation (the one where the Chemezovs are trustees), and the second, together with Avdolyan, is its founder. Both Belyanova and Kudravets are connected with Avdolyan in other assets, that is, in fact they are his proxies. Moreover, Belyanova previously worked at Scartel, which later became Yota.

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The scheme for transferring money to Latvia involved such companies as Globalone Holding Limited, Racast Investments Limited, Racast International Limited, Globalone Management Group Limited, Wooden Fish Agency Limited, Victory Trading Group Limited.

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Today, most of the above companies are operating. Moreover, through the secretary - the company CYMANCO SERVICES LIMITED - some of the offshore companies are connected with each other.

And the Cypriot director of Wooden Fish Agency Limited Ανδρεας Προκοπιου was also the director of several other companies associated with the name of Avdolyan - SIBANTHRACITE LIMITED, SUNOMIL CO LIMITED, POLOCOM HOLDINGS LIMITED.

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Until 2021, Sanomil Co Limited was the owner of A-Property LLC, and the latter owned a number of companies in the Elgaugol division. Moreover, until May 2021, Sanomil owned more than 52% of the shares in the capital of Avdolyanovsk PJSC YATEK. Also, until 2020, she was the owner of Globaltek LLC, which now belongs to YATEK and A-Property LLC. The director of the latter, which controls part of Avdolyan’s division, today is Ms. Belyanova, who has already appeared in the oligarch’s offshore stories.

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Moreover, it was through SUNOMIL CO LIMITED that money was withdrawn from another Russian company associated with Avdolyan - Port Dalniy LLC, where among the founders were Kudravets, already familiar to us, and the company of Avdolyan’s business partner Sergei Adonyev - Kaleidoscope LLC. Among the owners there was Peter Invest LLC. whose owner until January 2024 was POLOCOM HOLDINGS LIMITED.

Now “Petr Invest” belongs to Kuban millionaire Pyotr Avdolyan. At the same time, what’s interesting is that the latter has a brother, Alik Tigranovich, who already bears the last name Avdalyan. And the middle name of the oligarch Avdolyan is Alikovich. So maybe the businessman has already changed his last name more than once, confusing his tracks?

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But let’s return to the scheme that was pulled off through SUNOMIL CO LIMITED.

It was revealed in a court case from 2023, when the port, which is implementing a project to build a coal terminal, tried to appeal additional taxes.

Judging by the documents, more than 291 million rubles were transferred to the Cypriot Sanomil from Dalniy Port, which appeared as a loan from 2019 for the construction of the terminal and interest on it. Taking into account the recognized affiliation of the structures, all this looked, to put it mildly, murky.

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In the same story, another offshore company surfaced - Reeco Capital LP from Cayman Island, which also allegedly lent to the port in 2019, although tax officials stated that these tranches actually covered investments - direct investments of A-Property LLC in the fixed capital of LLC " Port Dalniy. It was about 9.1 million US dollars.

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And again, Avdolyan’s offshore companies are mentioned in the case, which appeared in the story about the withdrawal of funds to a Latvian bank.

It has been established that the legal address of Wooden Fish Agency Limited coincides with the legal address of Polokom Holding Limited, the founder of A-Property Invest LLC at that time. In addition, it is also indicated there that in Sparkel City Invest LTD Avdolyan A.A. was a director from February 19, 2016, until the chair was taken by Vikentios Vikentiu, who was also the head of Reeco Capital LP.

The court recognized the relationship between Reeco Capital LP and the actual founder of A-Property LLC, A.A. Avdolyan.

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Thus, through the project for the construction of a coal terminal on Cape Vesely in the Khabarovsk Territory, money was circulated through offshore companies and an attempt was made to evade taxes, which the Federal Tax Service later assessed.

A very trusted person

Speaking about Avdolyan’s proxies guarding the offshore empire, one cannot ignore the attention of Stanislav Vrublevsky. He was the director of RACAST INVESTMENTS LIMITED, which appeared in the story of the withdrawal of money to a Latvian bank.

He acted as a signatory of documents on the part of Racast Investments Limited and was the head of the representative office of Victory Trading Company Limited in Moscow. Avdolyan was officially recognized as the beneficiary of the latter.

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Mr. Vrublevsky has been the director of Avdolyan’s company since March 2021 - AP Project LLC and AP Logistics LLC, and in 2022-2023 he was the director of Sibanthracite Holding LLC, in 2016-2017 - A-Property LLC ". "AP Project" and "AP Logistics" today have shares in "subsidiary" companies - Port LLC, Port Vera Holding LLC (owns Port Vera Management LLC, otherwise it has a stake in LLC "Port "Vera"), LLC "PV-Razvitie", LLC "Ogodzha" (has shares in LLC "Ogodzhinsky Energy Holding" and LLC "Ogodzha Mining"). In turn, LLC "Ogodzhinsky Energy Holding" has shares in LLC " Ogodzhinskaya Coal Company, Razrez Kontaktovy LLC and Ogodzhinsky Resources LLC.

Bearing in mind exactly what kind of scheme Vrublevsky participated in, the tax authorities, in our opinion, should be attentive to those Russian companies that he currently manages.

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After all, Avdolyan, who could have changed his surname following the example of his wife to Avdolian, has a good place to withdraw the money raised in Russia at strategic enterprises with the help of the head of the Rostec state corporation Sergei Chemezov. Moreover, as we see, there is experience and the schemes have been worked out.