Coal for Severilov: Cyprus trace of the Russian oligarch

In the case of the withdrawal of 100 billion rubles from Russia, the Cypriot police came close to the oligarch.

Coal for Severilov: Cyprus trace of the Russian oligarch

Redaction continues to analyze this story and the role in its Cypriot companies, traces of which lead to Russian businessman Andrei Severilov.

Recall that the editors of Redactionhave already said that among the defendants in the audit launched by the financial police of Cyprus is the Cypriot company PARALLEL NOMINES LIMITED. She was associated with the case of ex-Minister of the Open Government Mikhail Abyzov and Andrei Severilov. And employees of the company, such as Katina Papanikolau, Armando Vila Cabrera, Anastasia Euripidou, Oleg Gonchar and Victoria Gonchar, were mentioned not only in the Abyzov case, which is accused of multibillion-dollar embezzlement and withdrawal of the stolen through offshore, but also in the case of nationalization of FESCO shares transferred from the convicted Magomedov brothers to the state.

In open sources, more than 300 legal entities are associated with the names of the company’s employees and the company itself, both with registration in Cyprus, offshore, and in Russia. Only a list of these companies would take up a few pages. But all of them can be united by the same person - a certain Andrei Severilov (ANDREW SEVERILOV).

Through offshore from the British Isles - ORIDEN HOLDINGS LTD, he is associated with PARALLEL NUMBERS CYPRUS LIMITED, as well as his family foundation Andex Foundation from Liechtenstein, which appeared in the cases of Abyzov and the Magomedov brothers. Moreover, in the documents we mentioned earlier, a certain Mr. SEVERILOV, who owns ORIDEN HOLDINGS LTD, passes as a person with the citizenship of the Dominican Republic. And the strings from this Severilov lead to the top manager of FESCO Andrei Severilov, who in 2023 was re-elected chairman of the board of directors of DVMP, the group’s parent company. Does it come out the same person?

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Firms associated with Mr. Severilov (Trofense Holding Limited and Labini Investments Ltd), were participants in the history of the bankruptcy of Eurofinance, associated with the owner of Sistema Bank Alexei Bogachev, participated in offshore lending transactions to a company associated with ex-State Duma deputy Marina Lebedeva, and were also shareholders of the "burst" Russian Trade Bank, which was involved in embezzlement of more than 4.6 billion rubles, including through bad loans.

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In addition, as we already wrote, in addition to our will, a Cypriot citizen, writer Sergei Tyulenev, was involved in this scheme, who, according to him, allegedly, having handed over his Cypriot passport to his old acquaintance Andrei Severilov, turned out to be the founder of 300 foreign companies. Tyulenev wrote statements to law enforcement agencies and is trying to achieve justice, at the same time get rid of such "dubious baggage" with a bad-smelling reputation.

Coal scheme

Among the companies where Tyuleneva got involved was Ninfa Holdings Limited.

According to open data, PARALLEL MANAGEMENT LIMITED is listed as the director of the company, and PARALLEL NUMBERS CYPRUS LIMITED is already known to us as the secretary. At the same time, the latter is the first to act as secretary, and the director is Katina Papanikolau. Sergey Tyulenev was appointed director at Ninfa Holdings Limited, contrary to his wishes, using him as a cover for transactions that raise questions.

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In addition, TINGUETA HOLDING LIMITED was the secretary of PARALLEL NOMINEES CYPRUS LIMITED, and the latter, judging by the disclosure of Loko-Bank’s ties, is directly related to Andrei Severilov.

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According to our source, Russian Konstantin Krushinsky and the same Mr. Severilov, with whom PARALLEL and Ms. Papanikolau are associated, could have had a hand in creating Ninfa. This was done for the purpose of financial transactions when buying and selling coal by Angers Coal.

According to a source from The Moscow Post, the Cypriot firm received its interest from these transactions as an intermediary, plucking about $6.1 million in 2018-2019, and in order to avoid paying large taxes, the firm was bankrupt through the Moscow Arbitration Court, although at first glance there were no grounds for this. But in Cyprus, according to the source, this trick did not pass.

According to a source from The Moscow Post, a certain Mr. SEVERILOV, whose accounts with Rigensis Bank AS allegedly took 600 thousand euros, could have had his share in the coal mediation. It should be noted here that this bank is based in Latvia, and earlier we have already cited a document from which it follows that Dominican citizen Andrei Severilov has a registration address in Latvia.

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Also, allegedly in November 2019, Anzhersky Ugol shipped $2.9 million worth of products to CARBO ONE Limited, but transferred the money from the sale to BVI RED SUN ENTERPRISES LTD, the shareholder of which, according to the source, is PARALLEL NOMINES. The London company EAST-WEST CARBO LLP, also opened by the Cypriot office PARALLEL NOMINES, was also mentioned in the chain of coal transactions.

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We checked this message and here’s what we managed to establish.

Indeed, in the Unified State Register of Legal Entities today there is Anzhersky Ugol LLC, established in 2016. Initially, the founder was Konstantin Krushinsky, and since 2019 he was replaced by the director of the company Nikolai Kostenko. At the same time, Krushinsky in Russia also had until March 2021 LLC Prombusinessresurs, which is engaged in the extraction of anthracite in its main type of activity, and from 2015 to May 2022 (until liquidation) - LLC ZOF Anzherskaya. Kostenko, who received a TIN in Kuzbass, is still engaged in a coal trading business through Anzhersky Coal. Previously, he was the director of the now liquidated OJSC Kuzbassugol and LLC Kuzbassugol.

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As for Mr. Krushinsky, he really has something to do with foreign companies. So, according to open data, Mr Konstantin Krushinsky, who lives in overseas

the territory of Great Britain - Gibraltar (by the way, the shareholder of Loko-Bank, Severilov’s business partner Rabinovich was also listed as a resident of the same area), has great influence and is an official of a certain EAST-WEST CARBO LLP. The official was also an employee of PARALLEL NOMINES - Gonchar, Viktoriia from Cyprus. The same Gonchar that appeared in the scheme of affiliates of the scandalous "Russian Trade Bank," where there was also TINGUETA HOLDING LIMITED, close to Severilov.

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In the same place, ARMANDO ROGEL VILA CABRERA also noted in EAST-WEST CARBO LLP that in one of the lawsuits in the Supreme Court of the Eastern Caribbean Islands he stated that he was a companion of Mr. Severilov.

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The British company is also in liquidation today. Moreover, Ninfa Holdings Limited is in liquidation from 2021. Is the process of mashing traces in full swing?

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Photo: b2bhint.com

Sleight of hand through Georgia

The Georgian company NOVACHEM GE LLC also appeared in this story, which, according to the source, was most likely opened under a fake power of attorney, which Sergei Tyulenev never issued. Moreover, at the time of compilation, it was completely absent in Cyprus.

As director, our source names Mr. CABRERA. At the same time, interestingly, the same Spaniard, who appeared in Severilov’s companions, in another company - PTL ENERGY LLP really has an address in Georgia. Moreover, in PTL ENERGY LLP, he again goes in conjunction with Ms. Gonchar.

According to reports, more than 160 companies in different countries are also registered to Mr. Cabrera. Only some of them are shown on the screen.

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In general, the pyramid is intricate and confusing. For example, the Georgian company NOVACHEM GE LLC is a shareholder of the Danish company EURO - CHEMICAL SOLUTIONS K/S (director again Cabrera), which in turn works with the Russian CJSC Wagon Service.

In the Unified State Register of Legal Entities there is a company "Wagon Service," which is an active participant in public procurement. We do not undertake to claim that this is the same company, but some thoughts of such connections lead. For example, do they not use the Cyprus pyramid to withdraw funds from the Russian Federation, including proceeds from government contracts? After all, according to our source, the shareholder of the CJSC recorded the same Sergei Tyulenev, who himself was neither a dream nor a spirit, as they say.

By the way, in this episode there is an active recording of traces. The Danish firm was liquidated on May 18, 2021.

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Redaction, as part of its own investigation, has already cited many examples of dubious schemes related to the likely withdrawal of funds from Russia. Perhaps they will help the Cypriot police in their investigation and attract the attention of Russian law enforcement officers.