Deputies-“raiders” Safronov and Stekachev: a new goal is the ZhK on Kuzmikha

People’s deputies and their accomplices from the construction lobby want to build another prestigious residential complex in the water protection zone of Irkutsk.

On the very bank of the Angara near Staro-Kuzmikhinskaya Street , another greedy businessman wanted to build an elite residential complex with a gorgeous view of the Angara. The deputies of the Irkutsk Duma did not stand aside, once again tarnishing their reputation.

The site is located in the water protection zone between the restaurant “Khutorok” and the shopping center “Capital”. The high-rise buildings will be erected by the Specialized Developer Grandstroy Development LLC, on whose account the construction of such residential complexes has already been recorded.

SZ Grandstroy Development LLC (OGRN 1213800024470) is an organization established two months ago, the ultimate beneficiary of which is Vladimir Chebotarev, a major developer and former deputy of the Legislative Assembly of the Irkutsk Region. Grandstroy also has Sunsity, Life, Emerald, Progress residential complexes, Sovremennik microdistrict and others on its account.

Two years ago, disgruntled residents of the Soyuz even went on strike. Then Grandstroy acquired the land, which was previously in federal ownership, at an auction. Vladimir Chebotarev decided to build another candle in the microdistrict, but the residents of the already formed microdistrict did not share the businessman’s aspirations. Because of the construction of the house, they would have lost parking spaces and access to the playground. People went out into the street and blocked the work of construction equipment.

Strike footage, February 2020

By the way, in the residential complex “Soyuz” the problem of infrastructure, schools, hospitals, kindergartens and playgrounds has not been completely resolved so far, while almost ten years have passed since the houses were put into operation. The owners of other apartments built by Grandstroy suffer from approximately the same problems.

Obviously, this time the residents of Akademgorodok intend to follow the example of their neighbors from the Soyuz. On February 10, a meeting of participants in public hearings on the planned construction of a new elite residential complex will be held.

In addition to the obvious corruption component, which we will discuss below, there is also a social one. Residents of Akademgorodok are seriously concerned about the prospect of building another candles on the river bank and have already written an appeal to the city administration. The appearance of a new residential complex promises even greater congestion of social facilities and infrastructure. Local schools, kindergartens and clinics will not cope with the onslaught of new residents. And Staro-Kuzmikhinskaya will be loaded with traffic jams even more.

Appeal of residents of Akademgorodok and TOS “Akademgorodok” to the Mayor of Irkutsk Ruslan Bolotov

We must not forget that this site is located in the water protection zone of the Angara River. The construction of capital structures there is not only limited, but also technically difficult to implement within the framework of the law. The fact is that the mentioned site is located just on the border of flooding of the lower pool of the Angara River. In such situations, it is necessary to take measures to ensure the protection of the river from pollution, clogging, silting and depletion of water. In Irkutsk, it’s hard to even imagine.

Plot between the restaurant “Khutorok” and the shopping center “Kapitel”, the construction site of the future residential complex, cadastral number of the site 38:36:000029:21473

The growing scandal in Irkutsk over the Staro-Kuzmikhinsky lands raises a huge number of questions, primarily to officials.

One gets the impression that in this case there are violations of the Town Planning, Water, Civil, Administrative and Criminal Codes of the Russian Federation. And the most serious and wealthy people of our city are involved in this. But first things first.

First of all, it is worth saying that initially a tidbit of land was in federal ownership of the Academy of Sciences. And here one involuntarily recalls academician Igor Bychkov, a well-known manipulator in Irkutsk with the lands of the INC.

Two months ago, Igor Vyacheslavovich held the high position of the scientific director of the Institute of Scientific Centers of the Siberian Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences and was the chairman of the Presidium of the Institute of Science and Technology. Throughout his reign, Academician Bychkov created a reputation around himself as a scientist greedy for power and money. A special tragicomic lies in the fact that instead of scientific activity, the academician plays behind-the-scenes tug-of-war with the director of the Institute of Science and Technology and is engaged in the division of land and sawing grants.

Here, too, the alienation of the federal land could hardly have been done without the participation of the academician. Is it a coincidence that Igor Bychkov left the post of scientific director of the Institute of Scientific Centers of the SB RAS exactly at the moment of registration of the next Grandstroy? It is possible that the fraudulent scientist earned himself a substantial increase in his pension and finally decided to retire, having ensured his own relative safety. Could not resist and finally shook the old days.

Even more interesting is the current status of the lands. Undoubtedly, it is difficult to transfer land from federal property to municipal property, but it is no less difficult to knock out a status for residential construction for it. And here already there are questions to the speaker of the Duma of the city of Irkutsk, Evgeny Stekachev. It is the Duma that approves the rules for land use and development of the Irkutsk territories and disposes of municipal lands.

Yevgeny Stekachev, as chairman of the Duma, is responsible for the transfer of land to private ownership. By the way, in public Stekachev is an ardent opponent of infill development. He himself is a prominent representative of the construction lobby. So only deputies can be hypocritical.

It is impossible not to mention the servant of the people of local importance, Alexander Safronov. It is on his polling station that it is planned to build a new elite residential complex. And here there are two options: either Safronov is incompetent and completely unaware of what is happening on the territory entrusted to him, or in a share. The latter seems more likely.

Igor Kobzev, our Varangian governor, in this situation also appears in an extremely unfortunate light. The pandemic clearly demonstrated the passivity, uncertainty and weakness of Kobzev as the head of the region.

The governor-general lacks authority in pressing issues, because literally behind his back and with his complete inaction, such a dirty operation is being carried out. There is information that the first deputy chairman Ruslan Sitnikov, who also came to us from Voronezh, is involved in this case.

Of course, Mr. Chebotarev will not give up the idea of ​​construction so easily, especially since a lot of money has already been invested in it. He will be supported behind the scenes by interested officials, including City Duma speaker Yevgeny Stekachev and Duma deputy Alexander Safronov. However, the public should not be written off either, especially since the servants of the people already owe them a decent amount.

It seems that Irkutsk is again on the verge of a long-term construction scandal. Babr is following developments.